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Locating Books: Library Catalog

This guide will explain how to use the Library Catalog to search for various types of material available from the Library searching by keyword, subject, author, etc.

Library Catalog

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Search by ~~> Keyword

  • This search looks for matches in all fields of the catalog record (title, author, description, table of contents, subject headings, etc.)
  • Use Boolean operators to combine keywords and improve your search
  • This is the broadest type of search, so it is often a good way to start outyou should get a good idea of how much material is available on a subject.

Broad searches like the "alcohol abuse" search below can be focused by inserting AND followed by an idea that will limit the search, like: "alcohol abuse" AND college

Search by ~~> Title

  • This search should be used if you know a specific book title
  • Don't include leading words like "the" or "a"

Search by ~~> Author

  • This search will find works by an author, editor, actor, or director
  • Search by "Lastname, Firstname", i.e., angelou, maya
  • If you want books about a person but not written by them, search for their name by Subject

Search by ~~>Subject

  • Subject headings search the catalog by Library of Congress subject headings
  • This type of search works well if you are browsing for a particular subject that you know or a broad term
    • If your search results are too limited, try using the same subject heading terms in a keyword search.

The Browse feature displaying in the top right of the Library Catalog, allows for