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CS 5300: Graduate Student Professional Development

Navigating the How to Research section

Welcome to the How to Research section!

Use the navigation on the left to navigate through each step of the research process or jump around to the part that you need. This is self-guided and all up to you!

On each page in this section, you will have an introduction outlining what you need to know, what you'll learn, and why you should care. There will be several interactive pieces that break up the information into bite-sized chunks. Finally, you'll have a chance to practice what you've learned using your own research project!

These research tutorials are created using H5P which allows you to interact and engage with the content as you learn. If any of the H5P content is confusing or not working as it should, feel free to use the "I Am Confused" button in the bottom right of the H5P activity box so that we can fix it. 

Happy Researching!