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MC 5302: Research Methods: Advertising Data

Advertising Redbooks

What is Advertising RedBooks Online?

You'll use this database to:

1) Enter a company and find out how much they spend and which agencies they use.
2) Find an agency by specialty (magazine, tv, etc...) and see who their clients are
3) Find companies by industry type (SIC and NAICS) or geography.

TV Ratings

Need to find out the current ratings for popular network and cable tv shows?

Check Nielsen weekly ratings from Zap2It. It also includes the top cable shows.



Advertising expenditure information on over 100,000 brands and product categories, major industries, and companies across 18 media including cable and network TV, broadcast radio networks, major national newspapers and hundreds of business-to-business and consumer magazines.

Contains U.S. and international agency profiles, global advertiser profiles and brands by company. Listings include executive names, emails, advertising expenditures, media categories, annual sales, brand names, SIC/NAICS codes, and other key data. The Agency Database contains detailed profiles with accounts lists, fields of specialization, key agency personnel, emails and more.

Presents comparative business statistics. Arranged by four-digit SIC code, each entry features a descriptive title; data and market description; a list of producers/products along with their market share; and cites original sources.

Consumer demographics. This is the online version of GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer, psychographics/lifestyles, product & brand usage, and media preferences based on sample households. Althought MRI provides marketing research for a wide variety of products it does not analyze all consumer items. Must create an account.

Online collection of SRDS publications Consumer Magazine Advertising Source, Lifestyle Market Analyst, Newspaper Advertising Source, Radio Advertising Source, Out-of-Home Advertising Source, Interactive Advertising Source, and TV and Cable Source.

Ad$pender and Ad$Summary Tutorial

Video starts on old library webpage; simply select research databases on the new library page.  The two databases still work the same!