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CS 7300: Introduction to Research in Computer Science

A guide to library resources to support CS 7300 with Dr. Ngu.

Starting with the Instrument

When a researcher uses a standard test or instrument in their research, they'll cite it. Find a test or instrument that speaks to your topic, then go to our journal databases to search for it in quotes to discover articles which used that instrument in their research.

For example, if I searched for mathematics in the "PsycTests" databases, I would find out about the "Individual Interest in Mathematics Assessment".

Then, I'd head over to "PsycInfo" database, and search for that assessment (in quotes) to find an article based on the test.

Having trouble finding a specific instrument?  Contact me!  I have some sneaky ways to find the full text of instruments...

Research Methods

Data paid for by the library

Open Data

Because the federal government (and the ethics of some disciplines) require raw research data behind funded studies to be published in open data repositories, you can find many types and varieties of data available online for free.