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NUTR 4365: Nutrition in the Life Span: Books

This course guide was created for NUTR 4365 (Nutrition in the Life Span) class.

Books Intro

Books are a great source for background information.  They are not such a great option for up-to-date statistics or cutting edge research because of the amount of time they take to publish.  If you find a book that looks like it might be useful, look at the table of contents and index and try to find the topic keywords you identified. If you can't find your keywords, the book is probably not going to be helpful for your research. If the keywords are in certain chapters, you can identify which sections you'll want to read.

Nutrition Books

Decifer the Library Catalog

All materials in the library have a catalog record. Here is an example.

The location, call no., and status are displayed.  The call no. is a series of letters and numbers that explains where in the library the item is located.  Books are organized by similar subjects, so it can be helpful to look around at books on the library shelves near it to find other books that may also be what you are looking for.

Continue scrolling to read more information.  The subject area is helpful to find other books that have the same or similar subject areas.