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COMM 3328: Communication and Gender: Websites

A course guide to library research resources for Prof. Eger's Communication and Gender students.

COMM 3328 Questions

Google Scholar

This will search for scholarly articles. If the library does subscribe or have paid access to them, then you will get access to what you find through Google Scholar.

This only works if you are on Campus! If you are off campus the best way to search Google Scholar is from our link to it.  Or you can find a link to it on the list of 'G' databases

Google Scholar Search

Evaluating Web Pages


* Identify the author and the author's expertise on the topic.

* Verify the facts, statistics, or quotes on the web page in another source.

* Identify the agenda of the page: are they selling something or promoting a point-of-view that benefits them? 

* Check to see when the page was last updated. If you can't find a date, consider using a different source.


* Most people don't know what they are talking about.

* Many people will make up facts, misrepresent facts, or leave out facts in order to support their position.

* People will tell you anything if money or power is somehow involved.


* Learn to think for yourself and do not rely on gathering other people's opinions posted on the internet.