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AG 2379: General Horticulture: Finding books

This guide was created for Dr. Le Duc's General Horticulture course.

Search the Library Catalog

Search the Library Catalog for print resources, ebooks, movies, and more!

The library catalog is a type of database, so you can use the same search strategies you would use in a database, including "phrase searching," Boolean operators, and truncation.

Tips for Finding Books

Search by Keyword 

  • Combine terms using AND.
  • This search returns records that contain words that match exactly what you typed in.
  • This is often (but not always) the best place to start.

Search as Subject 

  • Catalog uses pre-defined subjects. 
  • This type of search works well if you are browsing for a particular subject that you know or a broad term. So if you aren't finding anything, switch to the keyword search instead.
  • Subjects are arranged using the Library of Congress Classification system.

Search by Author

  • Author searches are for looking for items a particular person has authored or written.
  • The library catalog works best if you type in searches in the format "Last name, First name."
  • If you want books about a person, search for their name by subject.

Search by Title

  • Use this search if you know the title of the material that you need.

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