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ENG 1310: College Writing I: Compare/Contrast Paper

This course guide contains library resources for ENG 1310 (College Writing I) students.

Librarian Video Tutorial - Compare/Contrast

Learning More About Your Topic

Once you have selected a topic, it is helpful to find additional background information. What to look for when learning more about the topic:

  • Definitions
  • Keywords
  • Concepts
  • Events, people, and key dates
  • Facts surrounding the topic

Mind Map

Use the Credo Reference Database to learn background information about your topic, explore sub-topics and create mind maps.


How to Search for Compare/Contrast Articles

Use the Advanced Search link below Start Your Research with keywords about your topic

Topic: Compare/contrast the civil rights movement in the 1960's to black lives matter movement

Use keywords or phrases: black lives matter AND civil rights movement


Add keywords such as: Compare/Contrast, Advantages/Disadvantages, Pro/Con, Similar/Different

back lives matter AND civil rights movement AND similar OR SAME