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ENG 1310: College Writing I: Persuasive Paper

This course guide contains library resources for ENG 1310 (College Writing I) students.

Librarian Video Tutorial - Persuasive

Learning More About Your Topic

Once you have selected a topic, it is helpful to find additional background information. What to look for when learning more about the topic:

  • Definitions
  • Keywords
  • Concepts
  • Events, people, and key dates
  • Facts surrounding the topic


These databases contain articles about on current issues, trends, pro/con arguments and controversial issues.

Article & Database Terms Q&A

What is a research database?
A research database is a searchable collection of thousands of articles, often organized by subject.

What is a scholarly journal?
A scholarly journal is a scholarly publication with multiple articles that is often subject specific or has a specific audience.  Sometimes referred to as a periodical, because they are published at regularly occurring intervals.