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GEOL 4330A: Introduction to Petroleum Geology: Government Info

Guide for Petroleum Geology.

National Geologic Map Database

National Geologic Map Database

The National Geologic Map Database has a MapView feature.  You can search for a location or scroll in. 

Once you scroll in, you can click the "Pan & Identify" button to find publications concerning a particular pinpoint or the entire screen view.

Pan and Identify


You can limit the publication list to certain map scales if you like.

Government Information

Government documents are a good source for reports, statistics, data, etc.  Some documents are still in print, but many can be found online. 

You can search for federal, state, and local governments.  While there are portals, you may want to search just by using Google. Just put in your search terms and limit by site, such as or or  This will only bring back results from those domains.  

Government Information

These are just some examples of resources.  Please see the Government Information LibGuides for more information.  You may also contact a librarian or the Government Information Desk for more help. 

Government Documents in the Library

The Alkek Library has print government documents on the 4th floor, in compact shelving.  We have several thousand documents from USGS, though not all are currently in the library catalog.  We also have links to online reports in the library catalog.  

You can use the drop-down menu to limit to Government Documents.

International Government & Organization Websites