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Zines Collection: Past Zines Exhibit

A research guide for Zines

How Do I Find Zines at Alkek?

The Alkek Library Zine Collection is on the 3rd floor by the Graphic Novel Collection. You can browse the red bags that contain the front and back covers of the zines on the rack there and then take the bags you want to the Checkout desk to get the full zine.


You can see what Zines are at Alkek here


The What's a Zine and How Do I Find Them at Alkek? zine pictured below can be printed, folded, and cut to make a zine and to give you more information about how to find zines in the library's collection. This zine has directions of how to make the zine, where to buy zines, as well as more info that you can also find on this Zines Research Guide

Find this zine already folded and free for you to take at the Zines! In the Collection at Alkek Exhibit on the 3rd floor.

How do I say Zine?