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GNST 4300: Interdisciplinary Preparation: Evaluating Websites

Website Evaluation

CRAAP test for websites/videos/books:

Answer these questions to evaluate a website.

  • CURRENCY: look for a date - is it current? 
  • RELEVANCE: does it meet my research needs?  Is it college-level?
  • AUTHORITY: who created/authored/published/sponsored this site/book/video?  What type of authority does the author have?
  • ACCURACY: is the information verifiable?  Has it been reviewed by others?  Do they cite their sources?
  • PURPOSE: why was this website/book/video written/made?  What are the biases?  What is the ending of the url (.gov, .edu, .com, .org) tell you?


SIFT - the four moves to test websites or news:

These four moves will help you do a deeper test of a website's credibility.

  1. STOP: Ask yourself - where is this information coming from?  Is it trustworthy?
  2. INVESTIGATE THE SOURCE: Who is providing the information?
  3. FIND TRUSTED COVERAGE: If the information is legitimate, it will be available in multiple reputable sources. 
  4. TRACE CLAIMS/QUOTES/PHOTOS TO ORIGINAL CONTEXT: Context is everything - a quote out of context can be used to "prove" the exact opposite of what the person quoted was trying to say.  Take a minute and find out what was actually said and why from the original context.

From:  Hapgood blog by Mike Caufield:

Evaluating News

 Fact-checking websites: