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HIST 5361: Historiography and Methods: Book Reviews

Sources For Finding Book Reviews

There are several places to find book reviews, here are a few suggestions-

Search the databases by type and you will find a book reviews section in the pull down menu.  That list of databases is available here  See especially Book Review Index (1965-date) and Book Review Digest Plus (1983-date) and Book Review Digest Retrospective (1908-1982)

America: History & Life database contains book reviews written since 1964

JSTOR database has full text book reviews going back to the late 19th century in some of the journals included there.

Limiting document types to book reviews is a search option in both these databases. 


Combined retrospective index to book reviews in scholarly journals, 1886-1974   This set is at the ARC, volumes can be recalled to Alkek or used at the ARC.  

Combined retrospective index set to journals in history, 1838-1974     This set is in the general collection on the 5th floor



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