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Research Seminar


You'll find information about how to find books, search for articles, and about the many services Alkek has to offer you. Alkek Librarians are available to help you via Ask-A-Librarian.

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Getting Started | Background Information | Reference Material

Reference Material in the form of subject dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks typically provide background essays, definitions, broad overviews of various topics, or other pertinent facts. A collection of searchable eReference titles like Sage eReference.


  1. How play effects learning in the secondary classroom.
  2. effect class ranking system has on a school environment.
  3. Do video games threaten kids’ attention span at school or elsewhere?
  4. the effects of sports/extracurricular activities on a student's academic success 
  5. the effect of religion on academic performance and school involvement (involvement of student or parents ; high school).
  6. what online teaching strategies can produce high academic success for students.
  7. what kind of strategies are best to use to cultivate that curiosity and desire to learn as students move on through the grade levels.
  8. how certain ethnicities are taught history in different states
  9. Gifted and Talented programs
  10. teaching students the usefulness of math in the world around us.
  11. the effect of language barriers on a student’s growth
  12. the educational experience of children/students during times of trauma.
  13. children and adults that have alternate needs for success in a classroom and equitable access to services and equipment
  14. standards-based grading in a math class and its effect on student understanding and student anxiety
  15. Literature that students are required to read in public school. I have always argued that although it is important that students are familiar with classic authors and literature. it would be more beneficial for students to be assigned modern literature to read and analyze.
  16. the goal of math education.
  17. How inclusion and representation in literary and classroom resource texts can impact a student’s work or response to class work.
  18. the awareness of rights that parents of SpEd and ESL parents, as well as ways they could engage to help their child grow.

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