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Reference Material in the form of subject dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks typically provide background essays, definitions, broad overviews of various topics, or other pertinent facts. A collection of searchable eReference titles like Sage eReference.


Writing Literature Reviews

How to Formulate Effective Research Questions

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Action research in education: A practical guide



Impact of Online Learning Post-COVID-19: Exploring how the sudden shift to online education has affected student learning, focus, and overall academic performance. This research could include a comparison of online and in-person learning environments, focusing on student adaptability and the effectiveness of each mode in various contexts such as home, work, or public spaces.

Student Participation in Online vs. In-Person Classes: Investigating differences in student comfort and participation levels in online and traditional classroom settings. This study aims to identify factors influencing student engagement and propose solutions to enhance participation in both environments.

Diverse Literature in American Public Schools: Analyzing the representation of different social groups in U.S. educational materials, with a focus on racial, gender, and LGBTQ diversity. This research might explore the implications of limited representation in literature on students' moral and psychological development.

  • "public school*" or "public education"
  • the phrase "diverse literature" does pull up some results but it'd probably be best to search books or literature or "reading material"
  • divers* OR lgbt* OR homosexuality or gender or race
  • parts of these together as an example

Engagement and Participation in Graduate Online Education: Examining how graduate students and professors adapt to online learning environments, with a particular focus on participation, engagement, and the phenomenon of "Zoom fatigue." This study would explore the challenges and opportunities of virtual classrooms in higher education.

Social Media's Influence on Student Mental Health: Investigating the impact of platforms like TikTok on teenagers' mental health, including aspects like self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and their overall effect on the learning environment. This research would be particularly relevant given the rising popularity and influence of social media among student populations.


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