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Finding and Evaluating Web Sources: COVID-19 Resources

This guide gives tips and tricks for finding web sources and evaluating their value for academic research.

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19: Where can I find good information?

There's plenty of misinformation out there.  Here's where to find good, evidence-based, scientific information about COVID-19.

  • How do I slow the spread, protect myself, and learn about what symptoms to look for? 
  • Where and how quickly is the virus spreading now? 
  • Has anyone my age died of COVID-19? 
  • Is there a vaccine?  Or a treatment? 
    • Check out the NIH - the National Institute of Health.  This government agency's mission is to "...enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness...."  The content on this website is a little dense, but it has a lot of good information about treatment.  And while there's no vaccine, there are links to current drug trials.
  • How do I know whether news reports about things like a "second wave" of COVID-19 are accurate? What is it? 
    • The CDC has reported on this, too, and it has been carried by most major news outlets. Concerned about bias?  Get the skills to judge your sources here! This guide has some great information about how to spot fake news and evaluate sources. Check out all the tabs in this guide to learn more.
  • Where can I get accurate information about COVID-19 cases in Texas?