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Library Instruction Operations & Procedures Manual: Scheduling & Assigning Classes

A collection of procedures and policies for Alkek Staff who teach instruction sessions.

Scheduling, Confirmations, & Point Persons

Instruction Schedule & Confirmations:

RIO Instruction Scheduler (for IUS overflow or other unassigned upper-level classes)

Tara Smith  (5-1636)

Mavis Klemke (5-6311)

IUS Instruction Scheduler

Emily Segoria (5-5357)


Open Theater Scheduling Procedure

Fill out Reservation Request form.

Step-by-step scheduling instructions

  1. Professor (or librarian) fills out Library Instruction Request Form
  2. Library Instruction mailbox (cc Lisa Ancelet) receives email.
  3. Scheduler replies to professor (or librarian) to confirm received email or request rescheduling
  4. Scheduler checks date availability on Library Instruction Mailbox calendar.
    1. Emily Segoria to schedule for IUS, and if no IUS or LC librarians are available, sends to IUS overflow.
      1. IUS librarians aim to not have more than 5 classes per week and no more than 3 classes per day.
    2. Librarians schedule all other that are not taken by IUS, including IUS overflow.
  5. Scheduler creates a new meeting request, and invites instructor and any co-teachers.
  6. Scheduler enters meeting subject as [Start time - End time]/[Professor's last name]/[Number of students]/[Librarian's initials]
    1. Example: 2-3:20p/Doe/21st/ES
  7. Scheduler add building and room number in Location Field
    1. Example: ALK 440
  8. Scheduler copy and pastes content from the request email, includes the link back to LibInsight.
  9. Instructor responds to professor confirming details.
  10. After instruction session, instructor closes out the class in LibInsight

Other Important Considerations:

  • Don't schedule more than 3 classes in a single day
  • Honors courses go to the subject librarian of the professor that is teaching the honors course except for Honors Thesis, which goes to Margaret Vaverek.
  • Honors US1100 goes to Megan, Liz and Tricia and then forwarded to RIO
  • GNST go to Tricia
  • Agriculture goes to Rory, then RIO
  • Biology goes to Rory, then RIO
  • Children's Literature (English 3385 or other) goes to Arlene
  • Film Studies (English 3307, 3308, 3316, or 3341) go to Stephanie
  • All other English courses go to RIO
  • Philosophy go to Lisa, then RIO
  • Religious Studies go to Tricia
  • World Languages and Literatures go to Charles
  • RDG 1300 go to Sarah
  • Other non-credit courses go to Undergraduate Librarian


Confirmation & Rescheduling Templates

IUS/Scheduling Library Assistant Template

Hello, Professor (Last Name),

The library has received your request for instruction and the instructor of your session will contact you with the final date, time, and location.


Rescheduling Template

Hello, Professor (Last Name),

Thank you for submitting an instruction request. Unfortunately we are unable to honor your instruction session at these requested times. We ask that requests be made at least 14 business days prior. Would another date be suitable for you after ___ date?


Color Codes for Instruction Calendar

When adding a class to the calendar, use the following guide for color categorizing the level and/or type.



Closing out the Class in LibInsight

Log in to LibAnalytics



Click on ‘edit this record’, and add any other relevant information (prep time, etc)

Fill out the right side of the form and save to close out the class.