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Library Instruction Operations & Procedures Manual: 1. Scheduling Classes

A collection of procedures and policies for Alkek Staff who teach instruction sessions.

Instruction Schedule & Confirmations:

RIO Instruction Scheduler

Mavis Klemke (5-6311) 

IUS Instruction Scheduler

(vacant position)


Room Reservations

  • ALK440 or ALK452: Use the "Location" features in Outlook to search for and reserve the room

Video Tutorial Slides

Scheduling Instructions

  1. Professor (or librarian) fills out Library Instruction Request Form
  2. Library Instruction mailbox receives email alert of the request. (
  3. Scheduler (Mavis) forwards the request to the Library Instructor on record for instruction for that discipline 
    • Spreadsheet in Subject Librarian folder lists who does what discipline
    • Library Instructor needs to inform - by reply - the scheduler if the class should be sent to someone else.
  4. Library Instructor schedules class, along with confirming with faculty:
    • Checks their calendar against the requested dates, along with the room calendars (when applicable).
    • Creates a new meeting request in the calendar.
      • Subject Line: [Start time - End time]/[Professor's last name]/[Number of students]/[Librarian's initials] (Example: 2-3:20p/Doe/21st/ES)
      • Be sure to invite yourself so it shows up on your calendar!
      • Library Instructor must invite the requested room in the "Location" field. Alternately, add the link if remote instruction.
      • Add the content from the request email, including the link back to LibInsight to the body of the request (this allows for someone to see it in case you are out on the day of the instruction)
      • Choose appropriate color code (see the tab in this guide for guidance, but your Outlook should guide you as well)

Other Important Considerations:

  • Library Instructors should not schedule more than 3 classes in a single day and 5 classes in a week
    • Exceptions are fine - this guideline is to assist each librarian in being mindful of their workload by providing guidance on when to deny classes.
  • Classes should go to the librarian on record (see spreadsheet linked above), with a few exceptions:
    • Honors courses go to the subject librarian of the professor that is teaching the honors course except for Honors Thesis, which goes to Margaret Vaverek.
    • Honors US1100 goes to _____
    • GNST go to Tricia
    • Children's Literature (English 3385 or other) goes to Arlene
    • All other English courses go to Lisa until a new ENG librarian is determined
    • RDG 1300 go to Sarah
  • Other non-credit courses go to Undergraduate Librarian

This attachment provides much more detailed instructions, including some recommended language for responding to faculty if you like. Some of the steps are outdated, so see the logistics above, but the details and language may still be helpful.

Instruction Schedulng Checklist 2017

When adding a class to the instruction calendar, use the following guide for color categorizing the level and/or type.