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Medical Explorer Program: Home

A guide to library resources for students in the Medical Explorer program.


This guide was created to help students in the Medical Explorer program access library resources, including DVDs and streaming videos, that support the Self-Study Program: Healthcare Practice and Futures and the Self-Study Program: Mathematics and Statistics. 

This Home page includes information on finding, checking out and watching DVDs as well as getting help from library staff and the library's hours. 

This guide consists of two additional pages, one for each Self-Study program:

  • Healthcare Practice and Futures 
  • Math and Statistics

On the Healthcare Practice and Futures page, Great Courses DVDs are listed along with streaming videos, embedded video and other resources. 

On the Math and Statistics page, Great Courses DVDs are listed.

Access these pages through the tabs above.   

Finding and watching DVDs

The DVD collection and the Checkout Desk are on the 3rd floor of the Alkek Library. The DVDs are shelved together and are in call number order.  

The library has different equipment options available for watching DVDs, including a DVD player set up in the library. Ask at the Checkout Desk!

See where the DVD collection and the Checkout Desk are located on the 3rd floor on the Alkek Floor Plans.

Checking out DVDs/Equipment

To check out DVDs or equipment present your valid Texas Sate ID or government-issued photo ID at the Checkout Desk. 

DVDs can be checked out for a guaranteed 14 days with the possibility of renewals. No more than four items can be checked out at one time.

For more information see the library's Borrowing Policy and Equipment Checkout.


Have Questions? Need Help?

Call or stop by the Checkout Desk on the 3rd floor of Alkek Library. The library staff and student workers are there to help you find and watch DVDs.

Checkout Desk: 512-245-3681

When is the Alkek Library open?

See the Alkek Library's calendar and hours. The Checkout Desk is open during the hours when the library is open.