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You'll find information about how to find books, search for articles, and about the many services Alkek has to offer you.  Alkek Librarians are available to help you via Ask-A-LibrarianThe TxState Writing Center is available for help with writing skills and has various online resources and services. SLAC also has excellent Documentation Guides. Alkek Library also has information about a variety of Writing Styles.

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Getting Started | Background Information | Reference Material

Reference Material in the form of subject dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks typically provides background essays, definitions, broad overviews of various topics, or other pertinent facts. Sage eReference: Health & Social Care

Dr. McDonald Assignment:

All Team Members (at least one factor and article for each team member).

  1. What are the behavioral risk factors (reinforcing, predisposing, enabling) associated with your group’s identified health issue? These are not articles about pathophysiology, lab tests, treatment, etc. These are articles about reinforcing, predisposing, and enabling factors.
  2. You MUST utilize and cite at least 1 peer-reviewed, academic journal article to support each of the identified behavioral risk factors (team members cannot use the same article). NOTE: Articles from non-peer reviewed, non-academic journals will NOT count. 
  3. Texas Health Data, for BRFSS data (for older data, -2010)

intervention* or prevention* OR treatment* OR therap*

"risk factor*" or "contributing factor*" or predispos*

"environmental influence*"


"type 2 diabetes " OR "diabetes mellitus type 2"

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