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RDG 4330: Teaching Reading/Language Arts in Middle School: Home


This guide offers resources, both open and library subscriptions, to consider for your project. Think about resources like photos, poetry, art, video, primary source materials, political cartoons, online museums that can be tied into the anchor text of your choice.

Choosing an Anchor Text

To get started with your project, you'll first have to decide on what anchor text you'll build the project around. You can try:

When finding titles that you're considering using, search our Library Catalog to see if we have the book you're looking for. You can also check with a public library.

EXIT Ticket – Multi-genre Center Project Planning

  1. What are you thinking about focusing on for your final project learning centers [This needs to be a broad topic that is big enough to connect outward to other reading resources: poetry, non-fiction, multi-media, music, movies, art, etc. This should also target grades 4-8 students, and be connected to the TEKS in some way.
  2. What anchor text [this could be a fiction book, picture book, informational text, zines, etc that you have found in the library today] have you found that you may use for your final project?
  3. What multi-genre resources have you found, related to your anchor text? Where else might you look? [Ex. If I was going to use First Rule of Punk as my anchor text, I would look for resources about punk music, Lola Beltrán’s music, or picture books that describe Mexican culture in some way. Tomás Rivera award books are wonderful for this. You can include songs, too.  Their lyrics, the performance.]. 

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