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Researcher Profiles and Identifiers

Import ORCID Publication Records to Faculty Profiles

  • From the Publications screen, select the Import button.

  • From the Import from Third Party section, choose ORCID.
  • Choose "Create or Connect Your ORCID iD".

  • Register or sign in via ORCID.

  • Complete the authorization process. We do this to ensure that you approve the connection to your ORCID iD and that the Faculty Qualifications System is connecting to your ORCID iD securely.

  • Once you've connected your ORCID iD you will see the confirmation of that right in the Import Publications screen and you can select Search ORCID.

  • You will then be shown a list of publications associated with your ORCID iD. Note that the Faculty Qualifications System will only import records marked as "public" or "trusted-party" in ORCID. Any records marked as "only me" cannot be imported. 
  • If any possible duplicates are found, they will be presented to you for review. 
  • For each item, you'll select Skip or Import, and when finished select Continue
  • You'll be shown an option to link names of collaborators to user accounts in the Faculty Qualifications System.
  • Finally, you'll see the Review Publications and Import screen and if everything looks good, click Finish Import. The records are loaded into the Faculty Qualifications System immediately and you'll see a confirmation.

For more information, see this Step-by-Step Tutorial.