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Seminar in HBSE I

Library Tutorial

Much of the information covered in library sessions is reviewed in the Research Tutorials guide.

Getting Started | Background Information

Reference Material in the form of subject dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks typically provide background essays, definitions, broad overviews of various topics, or other pertinent facts: Sage eReference

Encyclopedia of Social Work

Oxford Bibliographies: Social Work

This covers an approved topic relating to a macro-level social system of relevance to social work practice. The paper should include systems/ecological, developmental, and values/oppression content, drawing from at least 10 scholarly and or peer reviewed sources from the last 15 years from social work or related journals. 


How are transgender prospective parents discriminated against when seeking adoption in the foster care system?  Suggested Search
Addressing abuse and neglect allegations in the foster system  Suggested Search
The shackling of laboring people in prisons in the United States: a study of the history of this phenomenon and the current situation. Suggested Search
The impact of environmental gentrification on marginalized populations.  Suggested Search
Hispanic/Latino populations are not able to receive adequate mental health care due to stigma towards mental health issues  Suggested Search
What resources are provided to teens aging out of the foster care system and how can they be improved?  Suggested Search
Addressing housing insecurities for human trafficking victims  Suggested Search
Addressing the relation and impact of socioeconomic status on mental health  Suggested Search
Addressing mental health needs of familial abuse victims Suggested Search

Addressing the Issues within the foster care system and the impact on the foster children -- consider specific issues you're interested in, like funding, staffing, abuse/neglect, etc.

criminal justice system -- mass incarceration -- school to prison pipeline (consider factors that lead to this, like "youth incarceration" or "inequality in education)

impacts of children's socialization, mental health, development due to COVID and remote learning

lack of inclusive sexual health education in schools to incorporate LGBTQ communities

policies and laws for abortions and impact it has on women's mental health

Correctional System    Reintegration of prisoners into society – Odds stacked against reentry
Schools    School to prison pipeline  –  How “Zero Tolerance” policies affect students of color

Public Health  –  Addiction  –  Decriminalization of drugs 

Immigration  –  Immigration Intake Center  –  Information given to recent immigrants concerning personal safety, such as human trafficking

Public Health  –  Sex Ed in public schools  –  Addressing the importance of Sex Ed in schools 

Military system  –  Suicide  Rates  –  Addressing suicide rates of veterans re-entering civilian life

Foster care system  –  Education  –  Exploring the barriers to educational success among former foster youth

Immigration  –  Mental Health  –  Mental health concerns of immigrants and refugees

Foster Care  –  Housing and education  –  Preparation for adulthood

Schools  –  Autism  –  School Programs for Autistic Children

Children’s Hospitals  –  Play Therapy  –  Why play therapy would be benefical for hospitalized children in other countries


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