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TH 3367: Dramatic Theory and Analysis: Home

Library Research Course guide for Dr. Ana Martinez's course in Dramatic Theory and Analysis

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Featured Resources: Kanopy & Drama Online


​Kanopy is like an academic version of Netflix...with plenty (about 10k in all) of independent movies, documentaries, and 319 Criterion Collection films. You can watch it on your Roku, iOS, or Android device. 



Drama Online is a comprehensive database with hundreds of full-text plays combined with critical analysis, contextual information, biographies, and genres. Search for plays by theme, setting, time period or genre. Also includes a Monologue finder and ability to search by number of roles for men and women or unisex. Subscription includes Includes Nick Hern Book collection; and video collections Globe on Screen, Stage on Screen, Maxine Peake as Hamlet, and Patsy Rodenburg acting masterclass. 

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