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Social Work: Research Databases


You can start a search in Start Your Research, but knowing the core databases below will help you narrow your search. You can also focus your search by Discipline in the Advanced Search.

Citation Management

Refworks is a citation management tool that enables you to: 

  • Organize your research Include citations while you write your paper
  • Build a bibliography in a variety of formats
  • Import references from library databases and Google Scholar.

Workshops are also available.

Alkek Library also has a Style Guide that covers APA as well as other citation styles.

APA 7th Edition coming soon!

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What's new in APA 7th edition?

Core Databases

CQ Researcher | Coverage of health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy from 1960 - Present. Reports are published weekly in print and online 44 times a year by CQ Press, a division of Congressional Quarterly Inc. Each single-themed, 12,000-word report is researched and written by a seasoned journalist. Reports include an introductory overview; background and chronology on the topic; an assessment of the current situation; tables and maps; pro/con statements from representatives of opposing positions; and bibliographies of key sources.

Education Source


Family & Society Studies Worldwide | Coverage of research, policy, and practice literature in the fields of Family Science, Human Ecology, Human Development, and Social Welfare. FSSW is an anthology of 4 database files providing access to over 846,080 records. Coverage spans from 1970 to the present. 

Family Studies Abstracts | Family studies, marriage, divorce, family therapy, and other areas of key relevance to the discipline.

Points of View Reference Center | A full-text database designed to provide students with a series of essays that present multiple sides of a current issue. The database provides 200 topics, each with an overview/objective background , point (argument) and counterpoint (opposing argument). Topics covered include: affirmative action, cloning, DNA profiling, HIV/AIDS status disclosure, immigration, Iraq, Israel & the Palestinians, Katrina and FEMA response, nuclear proliferation, separation of church and state, standardized testing, stem cell research, tax cuts, voting machines, and many more. Points of View Reference Center contains a balance of materials from all viewpoints, including 600 main essays, leading political magazines from both sides of the aisle, newspapers, radio & TV news transcripts, primary source documents and reference books. The database also offers guides to debate, developing arguments and writing position papers.

PsycINFO | Citations and abstracts for publications about psychology and counseling.

RandTexas | Texas statistics: business and economics, education, health and socioeconomic, population and demographics, census, crime rates, traffic, energy and environment, government finance, and other community measures.

Social Sciences Full Text | Covers anthropology, community health and medicine, economics, environmental sciences, geography, international relations, law and criminology, police science, planning and public administration, psychology, psychiatry, political science, sociology, and social work.

Social Services Abstracts | Citations and abstracts for research in social work, human services, and related areas, including social welfare, social policy & community development.

Social Work Abstracts | Citations and abstracts for articles in social work and social welfare periodicals.

SocINDEX with Full Text | Coverage from all sub-disciplines of sociology, including abortion, anthropology, criminology, criminal justice, cultural sociology, demography, economic development, ethnic & racial studies, gender studies, marriage & family, politics, religion, rural sociology, social psychology, social structure, social work, sociological theory, sociology of education, substance abuse, urban studies, violence, welfare, etc.

Sociological Abstracts | Indexes and abstracts articles from over 1,500 journals worldwide in sociology and related fields, dating back to 1963 (abstracts starting in 1977). Subjects include sociological perspectives of anthropology, economics, education, medicine, community development, philosophy, political science, demography, and social psychology.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be a useful tool when collecting research information. 

Settings can be updated to display:

Library Links -> FindIt@Txstate
Bibliography Manager -> RefWorks

Streaming Video Collections

The Library also offers a number of streaming video databases.  Below are a few that would be especially helpful for Social Work:

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