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Getting Started

Getting Started: Find Background Information

Background information gives you an understanding of what is known about topic so that you can do your journal research more effectively.  Here's how...

  • search your textbooks or other books for topics (or parts of topics) that interest you
  • research the parts of your topics individually using reference materials (try using Credo Reference for dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.),
  • search your main ideas/topics on appropriate professional websites (see next page),
  • and be sure to stay on the lookout for other useful keywords and technical terminology for searching!


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Useful Tools

Before you begin the search for literature to use in your lit review, take the time to learn about and utilize these technology tools that will help make conducting your literature review much smoother.

LibKey Nomad | CMU LibrariesLibKey Nomad

This is a browser extension - if you find an article on the web, it will bring you to the full-text through TXST Libraries.

BrowZine : Third Iron Support Browzine

This is a desktop and mobile app that lets you build a bookshelf of your favorite journals - and let you know when new articles are published.

File:Google Scholar logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons  Google Scholar

Use the above link to access the TXST instance of Google Scholar - find articles there, and get the full text through TXST Libraries.

Need Help?

Use the Ask Us! service for questions about library resources, research assignments or other information. We offer chat and text, or you can email your question.

You may also Request Research Assistance with a librarian or specialist.