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HIST 3368F. History of U.S. Foreign Policy-Making in the Muslim World.: "The Other" in American Popular Culture

Dr. Elizabeth Bishop Fall, 2022

"The Other" in American Popular Culture


Edward Said on Orientalism
Video. Said discusses the ideas behind his classic 1978 work.

Finding Other Books and Articles

MLA International Bibliography
1926- . The most comprehensive index to journal articles, books, dissertations, and other materials relating to literature, folkore, and film studes. Indexes more than 4400 journals. Rutgers-restricted Access
    Searches that you may find useful in MLA include:
    • treatment of arabs
    • treatment of muslims
    • treatment of middle east

Some Books Owned by the Rutgers Libraries

Cruel and Unusual: Negative Images of Arabs in American Popular Culture
Laurence Michalak. 3rd edition. Washington, DC: American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) Research Institute, 1988. ERIC ED 363 532.
While Michalak touches on the treatment of Arabs in other venues (songs, jokes, television, political cartoons and comics), the main focus is on depiction in films.
Visions of the East: Orientalism in Film
Edited by Matthew Bernstein and Gaylyn Studlar. New Brunswick, N.J., Rutgers University Press, 1997. Available?
The TV Arab
Jack G. Shaheen. Bowling Green, Ohio, Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1984. Available?
Arabs and Muslims in the Media: Race and Representation After 9/11
Evelyn Alsultany. New York, New York University Press, 2012. Rutgers-restricted Access
Crossing Over: A Cultural History of American Engagement With the Muslim World, 1830-1940
Susan Nance. Thesis (Ph.D.), University of California, Berkeley, 2003. 2 vols. Available?

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