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Search Tools


  • Use quotation marks to search for phrases - "endangered birds" will bring back results that have that phrase.
  • Use an asterisk to get all words with a single root within results - type creat* and results will include create, creating, creators, creation, creatures, etc.

Combine Keywords

Research Databases do not work like Google!

You can't just type in your question. can combine keywords into a "question" that the database will understand.  Using AND, OR, NOT between search terms will make your search waaaaay more precise.

  • AND between two keywords will bring back less results - only those that have both keywords.
  • OR between two keywords will bring back more results - all those articles that have either keywords.
  • NOT between two keywords will bring back less results - articles with the first keyword, but not the second keyword.

Search String Example do you use AND, OR, and NOT while searching?

  • Click on "Advanced Search" under the Start Your Research search bar on the main library webpage.
  • Put in your keywords like this:

Image of advanced search: demons AND dreams AND teenagers OR adolescents

  • Not getting enough results?  Remove one of your search terms.  Or watch the video below for more help.

Search Tips

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