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Collection Development Guide: History: Allocation & Ordering Forms

History Department's Collection Development Information

  Tile in Taylor-Murphy       Fiscal Year  — 2021
Librarian Liaison    —   Margaret Vaverek   
Faculty Representative         —  Dr. Louie Valencia


The History Department’s library allocation for current FY:  $19,066.36

The allocation is available for one-time purchases, such as books and video, that will support your program’s teaching and research needs.  

Target Dates: One third of department allocation must be spent by each of the following dates:

November 15  
March 15 $  
June 15 $0

Subscriptions to journals and other continuing resources will not be purchased from your allocation. Instead, any subscription requests submitted for your department will be referred to the Arts & Humanities subject librarian group for consideration. Your subject librarian is part of the Arts & Humanities group and will consult with you about your department’s subscription needs when the group is making decisions.

Form for submitting an order request to your subject librarian for approval (Remember to include a price in the appropriate box) on requests forms)

Requests can be submitted at any time throughout the year. Subscription decisions are usually made in the spring, with subscriptions beginning the following January.

Review what faculty ordered in the past one year or current fiscal year:  2054F AND 2154F 
Review librarian orders for the past one year or current fiscal year:  2054L AND 2154L
You can also search several years back by changing the FY in front of the department/54 fund code.