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Collection Development Guide: History: Program Purpose and Description

Program Purpose and Description

The Department of History at Texas State offers the B.A., M.A., and M.Ed. degrees, servicing over 425 undergraduate and 80 graduate majors, and provides instruction for more than 9,400 students each year. We support student teacher preparation for prospective secondary school teachers in the areas of history and social studies.Our twenty full-time and thirteen part-time faculty members offer a wide variety of courses in American and non-American societies, spanning the globe in coverage.
Our graduate studies program specifically offers students four areas of study: United States History, Latin American History, European History, and Public History. The M.A. program has gained national recognition for “feeding” Ph.D. programs at other institutions with students who earned the Ph.D., ranking in the top fifteen percent of the 246 American history departments eligible for consideration and one of only eight that also does not offer doctoral degrees. [American Historical Association, Perspectives, 42:1, 41-44]


Source: History Department Website