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Legal Research: Finding a Legal Treatise

Basic guide to finding legal information

What is a legal treatise?

Legal treatises provide in-depth commentary and analysis of specific legal subjects. Treatises usually focus on a broader area of law, providing a more detailed analysis than other legal materials such as Nutshells and study aids.

Finding a treatise in the online catalog

Many books in the library may qualify as legal treatises.  (see definition at left) there is no way to tell in advance of looking at a book if it might be a treatise. 

To make the search a bit easier, the librarians have marked a few of the library holdings as treatises, so that a small sample can be easily located in the catalog.   Doing a subject search on the term  Legal Treatise in the online catalog  will produce that limited list in the catalog. 

Remember:  Not every treatise will have that word in the title/description in the catalog.  Likewise, not every treatise is a legal tratise. 

For help, contact us via the box right OR use the "ask a librarian" service in person or via chat.



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