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MGT 4350: Business Plan Development: Know Industry Trends

This is a research guide for Dr Minifie's Management 4350 class.

Start-Ups And Accounting Standards

Industry specific accounting standards show you how costs, charges and more affect industries differently.

1. Go to Checkpoint.

2. Make sure the drop down box is tuned to accounting, audit and corporation finance.

3. Set Tab to Search

4. Look to the right - you'll see AICPA Audit and Accounting Guides

Industry Analyses

Industry Surveys

Research those good ideas and make sure they'll work!

Industry surveys break down current trends, profitability, costs, competition and consumer preferences in an industry. Sometimes called market research.

First Research - A great one stop location for industry surveys and analysis.

IBIS World - Lots of industry surveys - check it out!

Marketline AdvantageFeatures detailed, comprehensive industry research reports



ABI Inform (click data and reports tab at top)

Industry Surveys

Choose the full screen option for best viewing.

HINT: Risk Factors and Business Plans

Another way to get SWOT-type information:
1.Read 10-K risk factors for analysis.
The companies themselves will write risk factors in their annual report. 
Annual reports are available on the company's internet site, through the SEC's Edgar database. The relevant section is 10-K 1A "Risk Factors."
2. Read S-1 forms for your business plan ideas.

When a company sells stock for the first time, it must file a s-1 form with the SEC. This form explains how the company will make money - its business plan!

Quickest way to do this:

Go to EDGAR (the SEC database) and

1. Search Most Recent Filings
2. Limit to S-1 Form
3. Avoid the S-1/A (amendment forms) and read S-1s all day.

Now, one thing you can also do is go to the advanced search screen and type in a keyword (insurance, computers, etc.) and s-1. This should get you closer to browsing S-1 plans in your field.