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Citation Management Tools

What is a Citation Manager?

Consider using a citation manager instead of typing bibliographies and in-line citations by hand. It will save you time. 

There are many citation managers out there. Some are free, and some require a subscription or charge for extra storage. 

Texas State University students, faculty and staff have access to EndNote that allow you to:

  • export citation information from databases
  • import information from other sources
  • organize and generate works cited pages and bibliographies in a variety of styles.

Which Citation Manager to Use

There are many citation managers that you can choose from, all with particular pros and cons. This guide will focus on three citation managers: Endnote, Zotero, and Mendeley.

Citation Manager

Cost Storage Does it extract metadata and pull in full text?
EndNote Desktop Free for TXST students, staff, faculty Unlimited Yes
EndNote Web Free Up to 50,000 references; unlimited (when synced with EndNote Desktop) Yes
Zotero Free 300 MB Free Online; unlimited with Zotero Desktop Yes
Mendeley Free 2GB Free Online; unlimited with Mendeley Desktop Yes

Other than the basic chart on this page, there are many comparison charts on the internet. NOTE that many comparison charts review Endnote Desktop, NOT Endnote Web. Here are some helpful places to start: