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GEO 3340: Political Geography.: Citation Analysis

This guide was created to support GEO 3340: Political Geography.

Scopus & Web of Science

Scopus and Web of Science are two databases that are helpful in not only can they let you see how many times an article has been cited, but they are also good because their coverage of articles is quite good. 

You may also want to try Google Scholar for these reasons as well.


Citation Analysis Terms

  • Citation count -- The total number of times an author's work has been cited
  • Average citation rate -- the ratio of total citations to the number of works authored
  • The h-index -- A researcher's h-index, or Hirsch index, is determined by listing their publications in descending order of times cited and counting down the list to the last paper for which the number of times cited exceeds the number of papers counted. Rather than a measure of the average number of citations, which can be skewed by either a single highly-cited article or by new articles which have not yet been cited, the h-index  believed to provide a measurement that avoids over-emphasizing these extreme cases.

Citation Analysis Databases