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GEO 7300: Advanced Geographic Research Design: Critiquing Research

Reviewing Research Articles

When you are reviewing research articles, you will want to evaluate all of the sections of the article.  The nursing and health professions fields have created very helpful checklists that, while not entirely relevant to the field of Geography, can be applied to reviewing articles in many disciplines.

In addition, you may want to look at guidelines for peer reviewers of scholarly journal articles.  Below are guidelines from Wiley, Emerald, and Elsevier. 

When reviewing articles, you may be interested in who has cited the article - where the research has led.  You can do this through Citation Analysis databases  like Scopus.  Please see the Citation Analysis tab for more information.


Critiquing Research Articles

Articles/Websites on Critiquing Research:

Peer-Reviewer Guidelines from Journal Publishers:

Standards for Reporting Research:

Example Scholarly Journal Publisher Review Questions

Suggested Books


Originally created for the nursing field, the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme checklists can be very useful in evaluating research articles.



When evaluating resources, you should consider Currency/Timeliness, Relevancy, Accuracy, Authority, and Purpose (CRAAP test).