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GEO 7300: Advanced Geographic Research Design: Finding Articles

Searching for Articles

Your professors will want you to use high-quality sources for your projects.  Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles are excellent sources.  Peer-reviewed means that experts in that field reviewed the articles before publication to check for such things as good methodology, relevancy, and impact to the field.  Many of our databases let you check a box to limit the results to peer-reviewed articles.

If you searched for articles on the internet, you will most likely be asked to pay $35+ per article.  However, you can access these for free through our library website!  We subscribe to over 90,000 scholarly journals.

Start Your Research is a search box in the middle of the library website that searched most (but not all!) of our databases.  It also searches our library catalog.  This is a really good option for a multidisciplinary topic.  For example, if you are researching a climatological phenomenon's impact on health, you may find results not only from climatology journals, but also health journals.

Start Your Research

Once you do a search, you can filter the results by options on the left side of the page.  Filter options include full text, peer-reviewed, a specific date range, and material type.

Periodical List

You can search for a specific journal/magazine/newspaper using Periodical List

Be sure to pay attention to years available.

Periodical List Search

Research Databases

Research Databases Research databases are mostly collections of scholarly journal articles, but some are not. Some contain newspaper articles, datasets, etc. We have organized the databases by title, by subject, and by type.


Recommended Databases