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BA 2310: Introduction to Business in a Global Environment: International Industry and Company Analysis

International Company Analysis

Analyze company financials for international companies, create your own search criteria and develop comparisons for export to Excel. 

Mint (recommended)

Comprehensive information on companies worldwide. Search by company, news articles, contacts/managers, industry profiles from Datamonitor and original documents that match specific criteria.

Orbis (recommended)

Comprehensive information on companies worldwide including industry reports from Datamonitor, company financials, news, market research, and scanned reports. Search by hundreds of criteria to research individual companies or find companies with specific profiles. View results in flexible and fully customizable lists. Build reports that contain the right content for you.

Note: MarketLine Advantage and Passport GMID also contain more basic company information. Search by keyword, company name or industry.

Orbis Database for International Financials

Orbis Database is a pro-grade database that covers thousands of international public and private companies. Search with a multiplicity of parameters to get company financial sheets.Exportable to Excel.

Also contains U.S. private and public companies.

Industry Analysis

MarketLine Advantage (recommended)

MarketLine Business Information Center features 10,000 company, 3,000 industry and 100 country profiles. Company profiles include company description, history, products, competitors and key employees. Industry profiles include segmentation, competitive landscape, leading companies and forecasts. Country profiles include economic performance, potential development and business environmental analysis.

Market Share Reporter

Market share for international markets by product or country. Compiled from different sources (newspapers, trade publications, trade associations, industry figures and more).

Passport GMID (recommended)

Industry analyses by product, region or country. Also socio-political thought pieces on international consumers and/or economic trends. Plus statistics on market size and share.