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BA 2310: Introduction to Business in a Global Environment: International Industry and Company Analysis

More Options: MarketLine and Passport

Analyze company financials for international companies, create your own search criteria and develop comparisons for export to Excel. 

MarketLine Advantage and Passport GMID also contain more basic company information. Search by keyword, company name or industry.

Passport Market Data

SWOTs and Business Plans

Business Source – from the main page, scroll down and choose SWOT analyses on the right side and search your company

Marketline Advantage - Type in your company name, get results and then select SWOT on the right side of the screen.

ABI Inform (keyword search your company and the word SWOT)


Looking for a summary of a company's business strategy? The 10-K annual report form is one possible source (available on the company's internet site, through the SEC's Edgar database

This material usually comes in their business description, which is Part 1 of a standard 10-K format and early in the doc. You may also do a CTRL-F word find for keywords.

Standard and Poor's Netvamtage

Industry Analysis

Understanding Company Financials

Sure, you know how to find raw financial numbers but what if you need help figuring out what they actually mean?

There are a lot of helpful books for that.

They are located on the fifth floor:

Browse the HG4028.B area here (includes e-books)

Also helpful: Corporations - valuation

There are also a lot of books on recognizing fraud, such as the wonderfully named Financial Shenigans (e book included in link)

Bonus: You can keyword search for books that address specific issues to an industry, such as how to analyze oil companies.

Industry Analyses

Industry Surveys

Research those good ideas and make sure they'll work!

Industry surveys break down current trends, profitability, costs, competition and consumer preferences in an industry. Sometimes called market research.

First Research - A great one stop location for industry surveys and analysis.

IBIS World - Lots of industry surveys - check it out!

Marketline AdvantageFeatures detailed, comprehensive industry research reports



ABI Inform (click data and reports tab at top)