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CI 3332: Foundations of Bilingual Education : Finding Articles / Databases

Search Tips

Search by keywords/phrases and use Boolean searching.

AND: "bilingual education" AND policy 

OR:  "culturally relevant pedagogy" OR "culturally relevant curriculum"  

Using "Quotation Marks" searches words as a phrase. 

Limit search results by Date and Peer-Reviewed journals.   

Truncation searches variations of a word. The symbol used is asterisk *.

bilingual* will retrieve: bilingual, bilingualism, bilingual education, etc. 

Check Subject terms to see if there are any synonym terms to consider.

Searching for Full Text

If you come across a citation to an article and you'd like to track down its full text, follow the steps below:

The example below shows that The Journal of Continuing Higher Education is accessible in print/microform as well as online. The entry also shows coverage dates to indicate which years are accessible. 

Related Databases