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Arlene Salazar

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Arlene Salazar

Workshop Info Request

The information you shared at our new bilingual education student orientation last semester was very helpful, and we’d like the students to have more time and more of a hands-on experience in the Library. CI 3332, Foundations of Bilingual Education has 10 students. This is their first semester in our program, and some are brand new to Texas State, so we are looking for an orientation to the Library’s Spanish language and English learner collections for bilingual educators. I would divide each session something like this:

  1. Introduction to the Library’s Bilingual collection/Hispanic American Resources
  2. Explore the stacks and physical collection
  3. A task (set by me) to explore and locate particular resources
  4. Wrap-up. What did we learn?

I would accompany and work with the students, so we would need your expertise and introduction for the first 45 minutes or hour, and I will work with them for the rest of the class time.