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Love Data Week at TXST: Datathon Rubric & Submission

Datathon Scoring Rubric

TXST Open Datathon Scoring Rubric

Teams will challenge the topic or problem and develop creative solutions using open data. Teams will give a brief 5- to 10-minute in-person presentation of their work to a panel of expert judges who will score each project based on this rubric.

Download: Open Datathon Rubric

TXST Open Datathon Expectations

Step 1. Select a challenge topic

Step 2. Craft a research question. i.e. What is the correlation between educational technology use and student learning outcomes?

Step 3.  Explore the open-access data resources

Step 4. Analyze the identified open data to help answer your research question.

Step 5. Interpreting your findings with data visualizations.

Step 6. Create a digital poster for your Datathon project, covering the problem statement, data source, methodology, findings, and implications. 

Step 7. Deposit your final digital poster and dataset into TXST data and research repositories. 

Step 8. Deliver a 5- to 10-minute presentation of your digital poster.

Datathon Submission Window

TXST Open Datathon Submission Window