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Metadata Guidelines: Home

Documentation for the metadata we use to describe materials in our digital repositories.

Metadata Advisory Committee

Committee Members 2022 - 2023

  • Susannah Broyles (Chair)
  • Mary Aycock (Past-Chair)
  • Isabelle Antes
  • Lauren Goodley
  • Amanda Scott
  • Laura Waugh


Texas State University Libraries is dedicated to effective metadata-based digital resource management, striving to stay current with national and international metadata standards and conduct ongoing research into the practical and theoretical applications of metadata. Through an in-house metadata system based on Dublin Core metadata elements, the library aims to ensure optimal searching, discovery, and retrieval of information for its digital repository users while also preserving digital objects in the long term. By carefully crafting metadata records for the needs of its various user groups, Texas State University Libraries is committed to providing an effective user experience. Metadata experts and library staff collaborate closely to ensure that metadata standards and practices remain relevant and effective, and the library continues to explore innovative ways to use metadata to improve digital repository access.

To ensure optimal metadata across our collections, the University Libraries Metadata Advisory Committee was formed as a collaboration of representatives from all areas of the Libraries' departments. Our digital repositories, including an instance of DSpace and Islandora, use metadata based in qualified Dublin Core. This guide provides an overview of our current metadata schema and practices. We are committed to ongoing research and development in metadata-based digital resource management.

Digital Repositories Include: