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Metadata Guidelines

Documentation about metadata for digital resources.

ArchiveSpace Finding Aids Metadata Guidelines

This guide provides an overview of metadata fields utilized in our instance of ArchiveSpace.

It's important to note that ArchiveSpace allows you to customize metadata fields to suit your institution's specific needs. Therefore, you can adapt and extend the metadata fields to accommodate additional information that may be relevant to your collections or institution's practices.

Required Basic Metadata Fields

A descriptive title for the collection.

The date range covered by the collection.

The person, organization, or entity that created or accumulated the collection.

Information about the size of the collection (e.g., linear feet, number of boxes, items, etc.)

A brief summary of what the collection contains.

Terms that help users locate relevant materials.

Required Access and Location Fields

Information about how the materials are organized within the collection.

Any restrictions or limitations on access to the collection.

Any restrictions on how the materials can be used.

Information about how the materials came into the repository's possession.

Details about how the collection was arranged, described, and processed.

A detailed listing of the individual folders, boxes, or items in the collection.

Recommended Metadata Fields

Information about the creator or the historical context of the collection.

References to other collections or resources related to the one described.

The recommended citation format for the collection.