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Foundations of Literacy Instruction


10 or more peer reviewed/primary research articles from 2010-2020. Sample topics:

  • ( minecraft ) AND ( literacy OR reading )
  • ( "summer reading" ) AND ( "learning loss" ) -- you could start with "intervention" and then also try certain ones that might be mentioned specifically, unless "summer reading" is the intervention, then you may not need "intervention" ; you could also approach this as benefits of "summer reading" and combine a search with success
  • ( nutrition ) AND ( "brain development" or "cognitive development" or "neural development" ) AND ( retention OR recall OR "knowledge activation" )
  • ( "digital learning tool*" or "digital learning object*" ) AND ( elementary or primary or "k-5" or "childhood education" ) AND ( literacy OR reading ) -- you might need to just search "digital learning" or "learning objects" and/or define examples of DLT/DLOs
  • academic vocabulary instruction ("academic vocabulary" or "academic language")  for "dual language"
  • series books ("monographic series" or "book series" or "children's literature in series") and struggling readers ("struggling readers" or "poor readers" or "reading difficulties")
  • Reading interventions (intervention or remedia*) for young (child* or elementary or primary) struggling readers ("struggling readers" or "poor readers" or "reading difficulties")
  • technology and literacy

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