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US 1100: University Seminar: For US 1100 Instructors

Using the US 1100 LibGuide and Library Tour Options

How to Use this Guide in your Teaching:

  1. Instructors and students are encouraged to reference the guide as a tool for US 1100-specific assignments:
    • Career Exploration curriculum
    • Common Experience 2023
  2. Instructions on adding the University Seminar 1100 Libguide (research guide) to your Canvas Course are available at: 
Spring 2023 Updates: Instructors now have multiple options for introducing students to the Library. 

Tour Option 1: Students can carry out a self-guided tour individually and show proof to their instructor when completed. 

Tour Option 2: Instructors can download the Alkek Library tour script and outline and independently conduct their class tour. See Below. No more scheduling stress! 

Tour Option 3: Request a tour with a library student employee by contacting Jason Crouch at

Computers and Tech Spots

Tech Help: ITAC

The IT Assistance Center, ITAC, is your one-stop shop for technology needs and questions. Get help via chat or phone or visit ITAC's Help Desk on Alkek Library's first floor. 

Texas State Training and Workshops Calendar

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Library Services for Instructors


Librarians create customized course guides for your students that are tailored to your class. We also have course reserve services available. 


Open Education prioritizes quality course practices and materials that center student success and bridge gaps in access, equity, and representation. 


We offer various services and tools to support your instruction across disciplines and levels. We can help you in person or through our online content.

Open Education

First Year Research Program for ENG 1320

US 1100 faculty who wish to incorporate information literacy, i.e., library instruction specific to academic research, are encouraged to utilize the First Year Research Program curriculum. The hybrid program is tailored to English 1320 students but flexible enough for most first-year courses like US 1100. 

What is First Year Research?

The First Year Research (FYR) Program is a hybrid information literacy instruction model. FYR replaces the traditional one-shot library instruction class most English 1320 instructors are familiar with. Instead of limiting faculty and students to in-person instruction on research fundamentals, FYR lets users access and apply research coaching on demand. 

Part 1: Import the First Year Research Canvas Course (approximately 45 minutes to complete)Faculty, specifically English 1320 instructors, can incorporate an asynchronous Canvas course approximately 45 minutes in length. The course introduces writing, information literacy, and core research skills. Students receive a certificate of completion.

Part 2 (*compliments Part 1; optional)Spring 2023 WorkshopSchedule for First Year Research for First Year Writing: Instructors can opt to include Research Workshop participation. Workshops are scheduled throughout the semester, giving students access to research coaching when THEY need it. Students can drop in and work on their research with immediate access to a librarian.

How and Why to Use Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open educational resources (OERs) are freely accessible, openly licensed text, media, and other digital assets useful for teaching, learning, assessing, and research purposes. 

At Texas State, courses that have Open Educational Resources will have one of the following attributes on the course listing in the schedule of classes:

  • Open Educational Resources (OERS) – No textbook or learning material costs 
  • Affordable Learning Materials Cost Courses (ALMS) – required course materials are available for $50 or less, including printing costs. 
  • Inclusive Access/Digital Direct Access Courses (DDAC) – includes the cost of your digital learning materials as an additional course charge on your tuition statement. 

*When planning your schedule, you can search by section attribute to find courses that meet these definitions in the Bobcat Scheduling & Registration application.