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HIST 3368F. History of U.S. Foreign Policy-Making in the Muslim World.: U.S. Foreign Relations: Basic Resources

Dr. Elizabeth Bishop Fall, 2022

Why Encyclopedias?

Articles in scholarly encyclopedias usually present a good overview of the topic and identify the current issues, approaches, and scholarship relating to that topic

Why Bibliographies?

Bibliographies are great for identifying what has been written, or what source materials exist, relating to a particular topic.

Basic Resources


Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy: Studies of the Principal Movements and Ideas
Editors, Alexander DeConde et. al. 2d edition. New York, Scribner, 2002. 3 vols.
121 in-depth scholarly essays on the concepts, themes, movements, and distinctive policies found in the history of American foreign relations.Rutgers-restricted Access
Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations
New York : Oxford University Press, 1997. 4 vols.
1,024 scholarly entries relating to the political, economic, military, and cultural interactions of the U.S. government and the American people with other nations and peoples. Most entries include bibliography. Available?


American Foreign Relations Since 1600: A Guide to the Literature
Robert L. Beisner, editor. 2nd edition. Santa Barbara, CA., ABC-CLIO, 2003. 2 vols.
The basic resource for identifying materials (primary documents, books, essays, articles, dissertations, reference sources) on American foreign relations. Based on Burns (below) but without the lengthy historiographic essays and maps. Chronological arrangement with each chapter preceded by a detailed table of contents. Annotated entries. Available?
Guide to American Foreign Relations Since 1700
Richard Dean Burns. Santa Barbara, Calif., ABC-Clio, 1983.
The classic bibliographic guide to American foreign relations. Arranged by historical period; annotated entries, extensive historiographic essays, maps, and biographies of key figures. Available?
United States Foreign Policy and the Middle East/North Africa: A Bibliography of Twentieth-Century Research
Sanforth R. Silverburg and Bernard Reich. London, Routledge, 2016.
First published in 1990. Rutgers-restricted Access
US Policy in the Middle East: The Struggle for Peace and Prosperity
U.S. Department of the Air Force Special Bibliography Series No. 97. October 2000.
The U.S. and the Middle East
NATO Library Thematic Bibliographies no. 1/20.
US Middle East Policy After 9/11
NATO Library Thematic Bibliographies No.6/2008.

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