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Library Instruction Operations & Procedures Manual: 4. Closing out classes

A collection of procedures and policies for Alkek Staff who teach instruction sessions.


Closure is an important step in all the work we do. Try to close classes out as they occur, or during busy times you can set yourself an appointment near the end of the week or month as a reminder to close out classes in bulk.


Make sure that you:

  • Close the class out in LibInsight
  • Send the faculty member a follow-up email:
    • Let them know they'll get a survey later from our Admin Assistant
    • Send the assessment scores, if they requested it
    • Send the link to the Guide (if it wasn't added to Canvas)
    • Offer to join Canvas in Librarian Role (if appropriate to the class and your workload)
    • Ask if they have any comments to take into account for the next time you work together on this class
  • File the Lesson Plan
    • Shared Folder information here
  • File Upper-Level Assessment Instruments and Results
    • Shared Folder information here
    • Naming Convention here
    • Add the class average score into the LibInsight entry
  • Finish up the LibGuide - many times you realize things to add/change during class.


Faculty surveys are sent monthly to all faculty who scheduled classes. This is done by Mavis.

You should survey students in New classes you haven't taught before or at least 20% of your classes.

Closing out the Class in LibInsight

Log in to LibInsight



Click on ‘edit this record’, and add any other relevant information (prep time, etc)

Fill out the right side of the form and save to close out the class.