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MGT 3360: Studies in Entrepreneurship: Getting Ideas For Your Business

This guide was created for Management 3360 class.

S-1 Forms

S-1 forms detail a company's strategy for making money. Good place for business plans!

Go to EDGAR (the SEC database) and

1. Search Most Recent Filings
2. Limit to S-1 Form
3. Avoid the S-1/A (amendment forms) and read S-1s all day.

Now, one thing you can also do is go to the advanced search screen and type in a keyword (insurance, computers, etc.) and s-1. This should get you closer to browsing S-1 plans in your field.

New Business Ideas

Austin Business Journal- See what new businesses opened in the Austin area (and closed), who's hiring and expanding, and profiles of local business people.

Competitive Strategy - Michael Porter's crucial book about analyzing your industry and your competition. The building blocks for your plan.  An earlier edition is here.

Entrepreneur Magazine - Profiles of new businesses and successful entrepreneurs

San Antonio Business Journal - San Antonio new businesses, expansions and successful businesspeople. See what they're doing.

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