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BFA Seminar Acting & Musical Theater Students Research Guide: Start Your Research

This guide is for Laura Lane's and Kaitlin Hopkins' BFA students.

Using Start Your Research

A Note for Drama, Dance, & Theatre Students

Start Your Research can be helpful for finding up-to-date articles from newspapers about current and past Theater and Dance productions, plays, Choreographers, Actors, Directors, and more.

Remember, Start Your Research is not the only library database available to you. 

The new search platform does not search all of the databases we subscribe to and the original databases often have more search features, such as the ability to limit to methodology.

For more in-depth or complex research, please be sure to go to the databases listed in the Theater & Performing Arts database list, the Newspaper databases, and possibly the Art & Design and Literature and Language databases.

What is Start Your Research?

Start Your Research is a way to search most of the library's databases all at once, using a single search box. 

Reasons to use Start Your Research

A search will bring up encyclopedia entries, journal & newspaper articles, ebooks, library books, images, streaming video & audio content, and more.

You can use search filters to narrow down your results to a specific timeframe, type of source (like all books), full-text availability, and other ways.

Where is it located?

Start Your Research is the white search box on the library homepage.