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TH 3367: Dramatic Theory and Analysis: Periodicals

Library Research Course guide for Dr. Ana Martinez's course in Dramatic Theory and Analysis

Types of Periodicals

What's a periodical?

A periodical is a magazine, journal, newspaper, or similar item that comes out periodically, i.e. once a week, month, etc.

It's good to be able to distinguish between scholarly and non-scholarly periodicals, especially for more advanced research. See the Scholarly Journals guide for more info.

Popular art magazine


  • Intended for mass market and general public
  • Includes Magazines, trade journals, newspapers and other non-scholarly sources
  • No "Peer Review" process required for publication
  • Often presents general information
  • Almost never has a list of references, bibliography, works cited list, or notes

Scholarly Journals

  • Scholarly journals are also referred to as "Peer Reviewed" or "Refereed."
  • These are mostly journals (but can be in other formats)
  • Are intended for scholars in their intended fields.
  • Articles must be reviewed by panel of experts before publishing (aka "Peer Review")
  • Often present original research
  • Contains list of references, bibliography, works cited list, or notes

Scholarly verification tool - ULRICH'S

To find out if a journal is considered scholarly, check the Ulrich's database by doing a search for the title of the journal.

If you see a little referee shirt icon then the journal title is considered peer reviewed "aka" scholarly. 


Browsing by Periodical List

Browsing Online Theatre & Drama Journals

You can get to online Theatre & Dance journals from the library's website.

Go to the smaller square on the right on the library web page, and click on the link labelled "Periodical List."

Periodical List is a listing of all the journals the library owns along with information like which which library databases have online issues, what years the library owns/has access to, and where print copies are located.

You can also use Periodical List to browse a list of journals in different subject areas. (More on that later)

This is what periodical list looks like when you search for a journal by its name:

Browzine App for Browsing Academic Journals

Browzine is a way for you to browse online journals from Alkek, create virtual bookshelves with your favorite journals, and access online journal articles from Alkek on your phone or tablet using the Browzine app (iOS, Android, & Kindle). You can also access Browzine on the web.