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Getting Started | Background Information | Reference Material

Reference Material in the form of subject dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks typically provide background essays, definitions, broad overviews of various topics, or other pertinent facts. Search across a collection of titles like Sage eReference

Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods
International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences

Review of Research in Education

Texas Higher Education Almanac

New Resource! Sage Research Methods, Includes little green and blue books, *Design a Research Project (project planner), data sets, reference material, tutorials, case study videos, expert interviews, and more. Covers every aspect of the research process and methods to develop practical skills necessary for conducting successful research. Videos show qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods in action and can be embedded into course management systems.


Topic Ideas:

"Special Education" Teacher retention in ( "title 1" or "title I" or "title one" ) ( school* or campus* or district* )

( burnout or "burn out" or stress or "occupational stress" or "compassionate fatigue" ) ( prevent* or intervention ) in the field of "special education" (teachers and district staff) in ( "title 1" or "title I" or "title one" ) ( school* or campus* or district* )

"Special Education" models/designs that increase student post graduate (from high school? success in college, work/vocation?) ( "student success" or "academic achievement" or "academic performance" or "academic success" )

How can "social media" be used as an "educational tool" "teaching tool" "educational technology" "teaching method*"?  

Exploring the lived experiences of ( Black or "african american*" ) ( women or woman or female* ) ( "assistant principal* or "assistant school principal*" ) in ( secondary or "high school*" ) school settings.   

politic* ( desegregat* or segregat*  or integrat* ) of ( "public school*" or "public education" ) and financial support of ( "private education" or "private school" )


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