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English Literature: Graduate Research Essentials

This subject guide was created to support research in English Literature.

Library Services & Spaces

Tools & Tips

  1. Manage your tabs!
    1. Toby Tabs
    2. One Tab
    3. CTRL + SHFT + T (⌘ + SHFT + T on Mac): Opens closed tabs.
  2. Manage your citations!
    1. EndNote
    2. Zotero
    3. Zbib (for quick citation generation)
  3. Manage your time and attention!
    1. Trello 
    2. Try time blocking. 
    3. Join a writing/accountability group. 
    4. Use Workflowy or Mind Meister to organize your thoughts. 
  4. Manage your notes with Notion
    1. Class notes template
    2. Cornell notes system

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