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Music Research: Thematic Catalogs

Connecting you to Music research and resources at Texas State University

Thematic Catalogs

Thematic catalogs are helpful for gathering accurate information about a piece of music you are studying or performing. Most thematic catalogs are devoted to the work of a single composer, but they can also cover particular repertoires, collections, or publisher catalogs.

Some of the most common benefits of using thematic catalogs include:

  • Precise identification a work
  • Guide to a composer's complete output
  • More information about the piece, such as date of composition, uniform title (for aid in library catalog searching), location of manuscripts, and bibliographic citations for writings about the work
  • Documentation of works that once existed but are no longer extant

Thematic catalogs typically include incipits (short musical excerpts) that aid in exact identification of the work. These excerpts may be the major themes in a movement or piece, or they may simply be the opening measures. Some thematic catalogs additionally or alternatively serve as thematic locators, allowing you to search by the musical themes themselves (often using letter names for pitches).

Below, you'll see a list of our library's holdings of thematic catalogs (single-composer catalogs, followed by other types—some being freely available online).

Thematic Catalogs: Selected Resources

Bibliographies of Thematic Catalogs

Thematic Catalogues in Music: An Annotated Bibliography, 2nd ed. (Book, 1997)
ML 113 .B86 1997: Music Library, Reference

Single-Composer Thematic Catalogs


Larry Austin: Life and Works of an Experimental Composer (Clark, 2012)
ML 410 .A864 C5 2012: Music Library, Reference

Bach, C.P.E.

The Catalog of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's Estate (1981)
ML 134 .B08 B3: Music Library, Reference

Thematic catalogue of the works of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (Helm, 1989)
ML 134 .B08 A2 1989: Music Library, Reference

Bach, J.S.

Bach-Dokumente: Supplement zu Johann Sebastian Bach Neue Ausgabe Samtlicher Werke (1963-2007)
ML 134 .B1 B32 1963 bds. 1-7: Music Library, Reference

Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis: Kleine Ausgabe (BWV2a) (Dürr/Kobayashi, 1998)
ML 134 .B1 S29 1998: Music Library, Reference

Johann Sebastian Bach 2000, 250 : Bach at Breitkopf (1999)
ML 134 .B1 B7 1999: Music Library, Reference

Melodic Index to the Works of Johann Sebastian Bach (Payne, 1938)
ML 134 .B1 P35 2010: Music Library, Reference

Thematisch-systematisches Verzeichnis der musikalichen Werke von Johann Sebastian Bach: Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis, (Schmieder, 1966)
ML 134 .B1 S3 1966: Music Library, Reference


Catalogue of the Works of Hector Berlioz (Holoman, 1987)
ML 134 .B5 A2 1987: Music Library, Reference


Béla Bartók : A Complete Catalog of His Published Works (1970)
ML 134 .H18 B6 1970: Music Library, Reference


Das Werk Beethovens; thematisch-bibliographisches Verzeichnis seiner sämtlichen vollendeten Kompositionen (Kinsky, 1955)
ML 134 .B4 K5: Music Library, Reference

Ludwig van Beethoven : Autographe und Abschriften : Katalog (Klein, 1975)
ML 134 .B4 K56 1975: Music Library, Reference

Ludwig van Beethoven: Thematisch-bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis (Dorfmüller, 2014)
ML 134 .B4 D6 2014 (bd. 1-2): Music Library, Reference


Leonard Bernstein: A Complete Catalogue of His Works (Gottlieb, 1978)
ML 134 .B512 G7: Music Library, Reference


Johannes Brahms: thematisch-bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis (McCorkle, 1984)
ML 134 .B8 A3 1984: Music Library, Reference

Thematic Catalogue of the Works of Johannes Brahms (1897)
ML 134 .B8 A35 1973: Music Library, Reference


Chopin: An Index of His Works in Chronological Order, 2nd ed. (Brown, 1972)
ML 134 .C54 B84 1972a: Music Library, Reference


Thematic Catalogue of the Works of Muzio Clementi (Tyson, 1967)
ML 134 .C585 T9: Music Library, Reference


Catalogue thématique des oeurves de Chr. W.v. Gluck (1967)
ML 134 .G56 W6 1967: Music Library, Reference


Händel-Handbuch: Thematisch-systematisches Verzeichnis (Baselt, 1978-86)
ML 134 .H16 A19 (bds. 1-4): Music Library, Reference


Joseph und Michael Haydn, Autographe und Abschriften : Katalog (Jaenecke, 1990)
ML 134 .H272 J34 1990: Music Library, Reference

Joseph Haydn: Thematisch-bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis (Hoboken, 1957-78)
ML 134 .H272 H6 (vols. 1-3): Music Library, Reference

A Melodic Index to Haydn's Instrumental Music (Bryant/Chapman, 1982)
ML 134 .H272 B79 1981: Music Library, Reference


A Descriptive Catalogue of the Music of Charles Ives (Sinclair, 1999)
ML 134 .I9 S56 1999: Music Library, Reference


Thematisches Verzeichniss der Werke : Bearbeitungen und Transcriptionen von F. Liszt (1965)
ML 134 .L7 A3 1965: Music Library, Reference


Thematisches Verzeichniss der im Druck erschienenen Compositionen von Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1882)
ML 134 .M53 A2 1966: Music Library, Reference


Chronologisch-thematisches Verzeichnis sämtlicher Tonwerke Wolfgang Amadé Mozarts, 6th ed. (Köchel, 1964)
ML 134 .M9 K55 1964: Music Library, Reference

Mozart-Melodie-Verzeichnis (Zehetgruber, 1999)
ML 134 .M9 Z45 1999: Music Library, Reference

A Thematic Locator for Mozart's Works: As Listed in Koechel's Chronologisch-Thematisches Verzeichnis, 6th ed. (Hill/Gould, 1970)
ML 134 .M9 H54 1970: Music Library, Reference

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Autographe und Abschriften : Katalog (Klein, 1982)
ML 134 .M9 K44 1982: Music Library, Reference


Modest Musorgskyʼs Heritage : Collection of Materials (Levashev, 1989)
ML 134 .M97 N37 1989: Music Library, Reference


An Index to the Works of Henry Purcell : As Published by the Purcell Society (Smith: 1965)
ML 134 .P87 S5 1965: Music Library, Reference

Henry Purcell, 1659-1695; An Analytical Catalogue of His Music (Zimmerman, 1963)
ML 134 .P95 A4: Music Library, Reference


Anton Rubinstein: An Annotated Catalog of Piano Works and Biography (Sitsky, 1998)
ML 134 .R82 S58 1998: Music Library, Reference

Scarlatti, A.

Scarlatti: Thematic Index of the Harpsichord Sonatas (Longo, 1965)
ML 134 .S28 A2 1965: Music Library, Reference


Franz Schubert: The Complete Songs (Johnson, 2014)
ML 134 .S38 J65 2014 (v.1-3): Music Library, Reference

Franz Schubert: Thematisches Verzeichnis seiner Werke in chronologischer Folge (Deutsch/Aderhold, 1978)
ML 134 .S38 A24: Music Library, Reference


Thematisches Verzeichniss sämmtlicher im druck erschienenen Werke Robert Schumann's (1966)
ML 134 .S4 A1: Music Library, Reference


Heinrich Schütz: A Bibliography of the Collected Works and Performing Editions (Miller/Highsmith, 1986)
ML 134 .S412 M5 1986: Music Library, Reference


Dmitri Shostakovich: A Catalogue, Bibliography, and Discography, 3rd ed. (Hulme, 2002)
ML 134 .S485 H8 2002: Music Library, Reference


Hanning Schröder: Dokumente, kritisches Werkverzeichnis (Schüler, 1996)
ML 410 .S291 S38 1996: Music Library, Reference


A Calendar and Comprehensive Source Catalogue of Georg Philipp Telemann's Vocal and Instrumental Music with Brass (1995)
ML 134 .T4 C7 1995: Music Library, Reference

Thematisch-Systematisches Verzeichnis seiner Werke (Ruhnke, 1984)
ML 134 .T4 A2 1984 (bds. 1-2): Music Library, Reference


Catalogue Thematique des Oeuvres de P. Tschaikowsky (1897)
ML 134 .C4 I8: Music Library, Reference


Virgil Thompson (1996)
ML 134 .T43 V57 1996: Music Library, Reference


A Bibliography of the Works of Giuseppe Verdi, 1813-1901 (Hopkinson, 1973-78)
ML 134 .V47 H6 (v.1-2): Alkek, 6th floor


Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) : catalogo numerico-tematico delle opere strumentali (Fanna, 1968)
ML 134 .V7 F3: Music Library, Reference

A concordance of the thematic indexes to the instrumental works of Antonio Vivaldi (Coral, 1972)
ML 134 .V7 M9 1972: Music Library, Reference

Verzeichnis der Werke Antonio Vivaldis (RV) (Ryom, 1977)
ML 134 .V7 R98 1977: Music Library, Reference


Wagner Werk-Verzeichnis (WWV) (1986)
ML 134 .W1 A15 1986: Music Library, Reference

Thematic Catalogs for Standard Concert Repertory


The Directory of Tunes and Musical Themes (Parsons, 1975)
ML 128 .I65 P33: Music Library, Reference

Early Music

RISM [Répertoire international des sources musicales], Series A/II:
Manuscripts by Individual Composers after 1600


Hymns and Hymn Tunes

The Hymn Tune Index

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